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Our first priority is to provide finest quality leather jackets that are flawless, naturally fitted, and stylish. Each jacket passes through a number of production divisions before being delivered to the consumer. It is crucial for our customers to know how this is all done, what type of leather we use, how we create, process and transport leather jackets around the world.

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Leather Selection

Each jacket is made with an obsession for detail and arranged accordingly. Sheep Skins are the main material used to make our jackets, which are expertly handcrafted in our warehouse by skilled craftsmen. It is one of the most flexible, all-natural, and skin-friendly materials used today to make cozy leather goods. Cowhide is also used to make rugs and other products.


To ensure that the skin is suitable for making jackets, our professionals quickly tan it and then clean it using the right products. To eliminate impurities, hairs, fat, and proteins that grow bacteria, many techniques and tools are used.

Drying and Washing

After tanning, the skin goes through a washing and drying procedure that uses more energy and requires conditioning. Moreover, it makes the skin flexible and simple to include into a product.

Designing the Jacket

A leather jacket is generally constructed by drawing up a pattern, cutting, stitching, adding lining, and adding decorative elements. To create the ideal jacket in accordance with the specified size, variation, and color, we have experts with experience using garment equipment and machines.

Sewing and Cutting

The aim is to make a jacket that you can proudly wear for a long time without the stitching coming loose. Designers at the warehouse gather the bits of leather required for the jacket’s exterior and interior patterns. After being assembled, each element is cut out and sewn into place for the sleeves, front, and back.

Jacket Style

For us, a well-designed jacket is essential. Depending on the style the customer wants, different design components, suitable computerized tools, and techniques are employed to provide the greatest outcomes.

Fixing the Line

Because the lining increases the comfort of the jacket, we only use the softest, most skin-friendly viscose for it. As a result, the jacket feels comfier and warmer.

Checking the Quality

To make sure the product will stand up to your expectations for a much longer period of time, we do a variety of inspections. To get the quality standard, our team checks the following things; • The jacket is manufactured as same as shown in the picture. • Designed is according to the color, size, and variation. • Jacket stitching is made perfectly. • Finishing is done properly such as cuffs, collar, buttons, zippers, pockets, etc.

Final Check and Packaging

When everything is in order, our team gives the jacket one more check to make sure it provides its purpose before sending it to the packaging department. We wrap all of our products in leather jacket-specific bags for greater stability and to prevent freight damage.

Delivering the Product

Our main courier services are DHL, FedEx, and UPS, known for quick and secure delivery. You will receive a number to check the progress of your order after giving the package to the courier. We always endeavor to better serve you and make sure that our wonderful customers are happy.

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Types of

Faux Leather

Faux leather is also a synthetic leather. Faux leather is a common fabric for outerwear items like jackets and coats because it insulates body heat nearly as well as genuine leather. It can frequently be difficult to tell the difference between genuine leather and imitation leather until you look at it attentively.

Real Leather

Real leather is still a superior option for the environment because it is all-natural. Even though some chemicals are used in the production of these products. Because they are protective, real leather jackets are used by racers, military members, and bikers. They are quite durable and can help shield the wearer from harm. You will not face road injuries while wearing a genuine leather.

Cow Leather

The most prominent material, cow leather, is tough to look at and wear. Because of the fact that people prefer to wear their jackets straight, its lack of flexibility makes it the perfect material for jackets. Cowhide leather is thick and hard; therefore, it does not provide a comfortable fit during the summer. But its attributes make it a good place to visit in the winter.

Ship Skin Leather

The softest and most supple leather is sheep leather, which is primarily utilized in women’s fashion items and imaginative costume design. Sheep leather is also the easiest material to shape. Sheep skin is undoubtedly the ideal material if you need a leather jacket for spring and summer fashion. You feel lighter and have a fantastic long day as a result.


Types of Zip
Leather Jacket


YKK is the leading manufacturer of zippers, which are frequently utilized due to their affordability and adaptability. offered in vislon, metal, and coil. The amazing thing about YKK Zippers is that they self-lubricate as you use them. You'll notice that with time, zippers from other brands get smooth and sticky. Not with YKK. The more you use them, the smoother they'll feel. Mostly, we use YKK zip in our jackets.


The surface of a China zipper is silky and smooth. The slider will move along it more easily the smoother it is. The reinforcement tape must be strong enough to withstand stretching or pulling without breaking. We utilize China zip in a variety of colors to enhance the beauty of the jackets.


Pick our customized sliders and pullers for simple sliding and pulling without putting any strain on or harming our zippers. Our sliders and pulls are effective zipper parts that are made with a variety of styles, shapes, and appearances. Our experts can tailor them to show your identity to a larger audience. We source high-quality raw materials from suppliers, process them on our cutting-edge production lines, and then shape them to the specifications you specify.


The rib of jacket is of very premium quality which increases the quality and life of jackets.

Types of Patches

Embossed Patches

This Embossed Patch is fascinating by making use of premium grade materials along with the utilization of advanced printing processes to assure maximum reflectivity. creates an innovative design jacket for their customers so that they may wear their favorite jackets.

Printed Patches

Printed patches, sometimes referred to as dye sublimation patches resemble a stitched-together photograph very closely. Printed patches are a wonderful option if the design you want to include on your custom patches is particularly complicated and features several colors. also makes printed patch jackets to fulfill the customer’s desire.

Embroidered Patches

A piece of embroidery made using a fabric backing and thread is called an embroidered patch, also referred to as a cloth badge. Making embroidered patches is a long-standing custom that was first carried out by hand. use embroidered patches on their jackets.

Sticker Patches

Our expert team members construct these patches in different designs which develops as a new trend in the market. These patches are used by our clients to label their clothing with unique names or tags. designs sticker patches jackets so that customer can wear their favorite patches outwear.

Inner Lining


Considering that it resembles silk in terms of smoothness, viscose, and a semi-synthetic form of rayon made from wood fiber, is frequently used as a substitute for expensive fabric. The fluid made from wood pulp is referred to as "viscose" and is used to make fabric. We use viscose lining to keep your body warm.


Although it is not static, this fabric is soft and breathable. It is comfortable against the skin and machine washable. A Cotton is a common option due to its accessibility and low price. But it is not slick; after washing, it shrinks and readily creases. use cotton lining while manufacturing the jackets to keep the jacket soft.


Your clothing's interior will have a new look thanks to the printed lining. covers rough edges, faulty seams, or imperfect joints. This lining is used in light weighted jackets. We use printed lining to enhance the beauty of the jackets.


An inner layer of fur or other material placed into garments and other similar products is called a fur lining. A fur lining lessens the wear and tear on garments, extending their usable lifespan. Smooth linings make it simple to wear a jacket over other items, and they also make winter outerwear warmer. Get your favorite fur-lining jacket from


The price ranges of our jackets are very affordable and pocket friendly. The price has variation on the basis of quality of leather and raw material used in the composition.